Cataract Surgery Risks and Complications

Cataract surgery enjoys a very low rate of post-operative complications, but as with all surgery, there are some risks that patients need to be aware of and should discuss with the ophthalmologist. 

The most common risk after cataract surgery is a condition called posterior capsule opacification or “after-cataract.” This is where part of the capsule that holds the lens in place becomes cloudy and thickens over time. Opacification can be successfully treated with corrective laser eye surgery.

Other risks include infection, bleeding and inflammation or tearing of the lens capsule. There is also a risk of damage to other parts of the eye, such as the cornea or retina.

Serious risk, such as damage to the retina, are very rare and need to be weighed against the fact that left untreated, a mature cataract will almost certainly lead to blindness.

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