Cataract Surgery Results

After cataract surgery nearly all patients report a significant improvement in their vision.

Cataract extraction and the replacement of the damaged eye lens has a 99% success rate, with many patients experiencing an improvement to their pre-cataract vision as well as an end to the symptoms of a cataract.


Most Patients See the Following Results After Cataract Operations:

  • The ability to see in focus
  • Bright lights no longer cause a problem
  • Colours and contrast can be differentiated
  • No more blurred or cloudy vision
  • Improvement in far-sightedness or short-sightedness vision  

For many people the vision improvements after cataract suurgery is immediate. Often patients need new prescription glasses or contact lenses to correct pre-existing vision problems unrelated to the vision damage caused by cataracts. 

New glasses can be prescribed if necessary a few weeks after your cataract surgery, once your eye has adjusted to the new intraocular lens.

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