What happens after cataract eye surgery?

Cataract operations are performed on an out-patient basis; the patient can return home the same day and the recovery period after cataract eye surgery is short. Most patients are able to return to work a week after surgery and any side effects of surgery will disappear within 10 days. The improvement to vision is noticed as soon as the eye heals from the implantation of the intraocular lens.

  • Itchy eyes are normal after cataract surgery
  •  Following cataract extraction fluid discharge from the eye may occur
  • Eyes are sensitive to light as the eye adjusts to the new IOL
  • Patients are advised to cover the eye for the first 1-2 days post surgery to allow it to heal and prevent infection
  • Eye drops will be prescribed to keep the eye clean and to prevent infection.
  • Patients should be careful to avoid rubbing the eye and irritating the lens – an eye patch is recommended for sleeping the week after cataract surgery.

There are few risks to cataract extraction however patients should follow the advice of ophthalmologists to prevent any side effects or complications from surgery.

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