How much does cataract surgery cost?

The cost of cataract extraction surgery varies across the country: the speciality of the eye clinic, the type of cataract and the quality of the pre-cataract vision all affect the cost.

Cataract operations using a monofocal lens to replace the damaged eye lens cost less than a multifocal intraocular lens; light adjustable lenses are the most expensive surgical option. When pricing cataract surgery patients should also consider that new prescription glasses or contact lenses may be needed after surgery.

Averagely, cataract removal in the UK costs between £1300-1600 per eye using standard IOLs – the cost of cataract operations using light adjustable lenses are higher. Cataract costs in the UK are comparable to the cost of cataract removal in other European countries or the United States.

If cataracts have developed in both eyes and a dual cataract extraction surgery is needed* many clinics offer financing options or a discounted treatment price for cataract removal in both eyes.

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*NB: If cataract surgery is needed in both eyes, patients will have the second operations once the first eye has recovered from the cataract surgery – usually two weeks post-surgery.


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