When will I be able to resume normal activities?


Cataract extraction surgery is performed as an out-patient operation and patients can return home the same day.

Most patients require only a few days to resume normal activities, with some limitations. Some sensitivity to touch and bright lights should not effect most patients from driving and returning to work.

Patients are prescribed eye drops to prevent infection and control possible inflammation. A protective shield is advised to be worn while sleeping and sunglasses can provide extra eye protection during the day.

For several days after cataract eye surgery, patients should avoid any heavy lifting or straining, which can increase pressure in the eye. Rubbing or pushing of the eye are also to be avoided.

Patients should ensure no water enters the eye until the eye has completely healed and the intraocular lens has settled into position.

Make-up around the eye should be avoided for several weeks.

Public swimming pools, hot tubs, and other potential sources of bacterial contamination should also be avoided.

If there are any further concerns patients should immediately contact their eye doctor. 

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