ROMOY Healthcare – Ophthalmology Unit

ROMOY health care offers the highest standards in medical treatments for any patients all around the world by combining the most effective treatment method with the lowest cost options.

ROMOY Eye Clinic performs a wide range of eye operations including refractive surgery, cataract, glaucoma, oculoplasty, retinal department and corneal transplantation with the most advanced technology

Major areas of ophthalmology include:

  • Visual impairments
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal Diseases
  • Corneal diseases
  • Eye tumors
  • Eye aesthetics


Treatment Methods in Use

Corneal Transplant

This surgery involves replacement of a corneal tissue deteriorated as a result of various disorders by a healthy corneal tissue.


Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser technology is the most common method applied to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism worldwide. It is also utilized in the case of corneal surface irregularities after a disease or trauma, corneal spots, corneal transplants and for correcting eye defects developing after a transplant.

Excimer Laser is an extremely fast, safe and absolutely painless method.




Enucleation refers to removal of the whole eye that has become unable to serve because of a disease, injury, etc. In the operation, the muscles that move the eye are left intact. A ball(implant) is placed to compensate for the volume lost.



One of the techniques applied when the eye has to be removed is evisceration. Here, the hard, white layer comprising the outer part of the eye is left intact and diseased tissues inside the eye are removed.



It is a surgical method used to treat malignant eye tumors arising from eyelids, eye or orbita and spreading to surrounding tissues.

Ocular Prosthetics

Ocular prostheses are devices which are applied following a surgery such as enucleation or evisceration, in the case of congenital absence of eye and severely small eyes, and provide facial symmetry by imitating the other eye.


As ROMOY Team, we are well aware of the difficulties in obtaining medical service in another country, and in a foreign culture. By working with ROMOY, You will feel always “at home” at every stage of your treatment.  We will accompany you starting from the moment you enter the country up until you leave it.



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Additional Services

Airport Transfers, Assistance for Disabled Patients, Hotel Reservations, Hotel to Clinic Transfers, Local Accommodation Assistance, Local Tours, Nutrition Counseling, Recuperation Services, Translator Services


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